[OKC JUG] November meeting tomorrow: Docker for Java Developers

Brandon Johnson bjohnson at powercosts.com
Mon Nov 9 09:08:32 PST 2015

Hey Ryan,

Not sure if this goes directly to you but I am a Corporate Recruiter with Power Costs Inc.  We are a software (Java) company located in Norman.  We have about 160 employees and being a software company about half of those employees are developers.  I was going to invite some of our developers to attend but I was wondering about how long does the meetings last?  If I can’t get anyone to come on short notice we’ll definitely have some attending the next one.  I’ll be out there for sure tomorrow so I’ll make sure to introduce myself.  Maybe we can have some of our employees present in the future.  Look forward to hearing back from you.


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We're having our November 2015 meeting tomorrow, November 10 at 11:30am.

Location: Prototek<http://prototekokc.com/> - 401 NW 10th St. OKC, OK (map<http://prototekokc.com/parking/>)
Speaker: Kenyatta Clark
Topic: Docker for Java Developers

Producing good software is a goal many of us strive for by honing our skills at design principles, language mastery, architecture, methodologies, and expert use of libraries, frameworks, and platforms.  Satisfied with our code, we then figure out how to deploy it, or we hand it over to an operations team who handles running it in production.

Running software in production is the whole point!  We can apply a lot of our skills and practices from software development to its deployment, and to the infrastructure on which it runs.

Docker<https://www.docker.com/what-docker> is “an open platform for distributed applications for developers and sysadmins” that provides a standardized way to package applications with the specification of their environment.  This means everything from the operating system to the application server is specified in code, and will be identical between your environments.

We thank Techlahoma<http://www.techlahoma.org/> for generously providing the materials for the meeting, including the projector, pizza, and chairs.

We are also seeking nominations for the 2016 OKCJUG President.  Please send them to sc at lists.okcjug.org<mailto:sc at lists.okcjug.org> or to me.

Ryan Hoegg
President, OKCJUG
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