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Dynatrace is coming to OKC next week (2 days after the JUG) and offering
steaks to attend their lunch event.  Since their product relates to my
talk, I thought some of you might like to go.

Ryan Hoegg
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Date: Thu, Mar 30, 2017 at 3:33 PM
Subject: OKC Cloud Briefing - Dynatrace
To: "ryan.hoegg at gmail.com" <ryan.hoegg at gmail.com>

Ryan – thanks for getting back to me on the cloud briefing. Below is some
additional info on the event. Also, here’s a link to more insight into the
value we can add for AWS: https://www.dynatrace.com/technologies/cloud-and-
microservices/aws-monitoring/ <http://go.toutapp.com/da2fd413a48178419e>

Ideally, I’d love to come present at one of the future meet ups but
unfortunately I didn’t come across your meetup group until after we
scheduled this session. Let me know if you have any questions at all!

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*Alex Hunt*

Account Executive

dynatrace.com <http://go.toutapp.com/92518737507d68dfbe>  |  twitter
<http://go.toutapp.com/43b2ee44a39980a866>  |  LinkedIn

*M: *+1 501 944 6712 <(501)%20944-6712>

[image: Dynatrace] <http://go.toutapp.com/b5afaf6b73fd374120>

[image: Dynatrace]

Journey to cloud native - Three key steps

Thursday, April 13 11:30am - 1:00pm

*Mickey Mantles Steakhouse <http://go.toutapp.com/2851e416457f457c42>*

7 S. Mickey Mantle Dr, Oklahoma City, OK, 73104

*REGISTER NOW* <http://go.toutapp.com/d38c9969847b304c2d>


Please join Dynatrace and UDT on April 13 at Mickey Mantles Steakhouse for
a complimentary lunch and a look into Dynatrace, the only artificially
intelligent full-stack monitoring solution.

Early adopters of cloud native technologies are seeing faster value
delivery to customers, reduced operational costs, and increased
productivity among teams. We will share the path pioneered by our customers
as well as our own company's cloud and digital transformation.

Monitoring microservices, containers, cloud native applications and vendor
hosted application requires an intelligent and agile solution. Learn how to
automate IT operations in highly dynamic environments with self-learning
capabilities and big data analytics powered by AI.

Discover how you can:

   - Plan capacity, optimize costs, and increase agility as you migrate to
   the cloud
   - Ensure application performance across data centers when moving to
   private, public, and hybrid clouds
   - Gain full visibility into cloud native environments, elastic
   microservice architectures and the performance of business critical vendor
   hosted applications

Be sure to register <http://go.toutapp.com/6859bd41275d79536a> today as
space is limited. We hope you can join us!

Best regards,
info at dynatrace.com <http://go.toutapp.com/742b54db49d11452e4>

*Register today!*

*REGISTER NOW* <http://go.toutapp.com/7be1a49ed07f0854ce>

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404 Wyman Street - Suite 500, Waltham MA 02451
Toll-Free: +1 888 833 3652 <(888)%20833-3652>    |    Phone: +1 781 530 1000
<(781)%20530-1000>    |    Email: APMsales at dynatrace.com

This marketing email is brought to you by Dynatrace. Forward it to a
colleague <http://go.toutapp.com/31825bc9b3a73ceb7c>.

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