[OKC JUG] Functional Programming and Apache TinkerPop

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Yes.  It was the goal at the place that I worked to explore the use of
Gremlin for graph pattern traversal. Gremlin seeks to do things in a highly
functional way, and I found it also has a means to for programmers to write
queries in their own native language without having to embed the query
syntax in their code (SQL for example).

In order to prepare to understand Gremlin, I am finding that I need to
understand more about functional programming with Java.

I do not have a formal abstract yet, but I am working on notes and I have
worked with Gremlin through a REPL.

Here is some stuff that I have written down so far:

Graph use Cases: Internet of Things, Social Networks, Communication
Networks, Genomics, Epidemiology, Web, Semantic Web, Data Integration,
Recommendation, Asset Management, Customer 360.
[Source: Traversing Graphs with Gremlin (Artem Chebotko, Solutions
Architect at DataStax)], http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mZmVnEzsDnY
(mapping from functional programming to Gremlin [19m33s])

Graphs are used by Google, Netflix, Facebook...

Gremlin is a Path Traversal Language. (http://tinkerpop.apache.org/)
SPARQL is for Graph Pattern Matching.
Compare with GraphQL...(differences from Gremlin)

As an example, Gremlin provides a functional way to write SQL:

Gremlin avoids the use of lambda expressions.

-Brent Shambaugh

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